Monday, June 9, 2014

Burning the Script

2011 has been dead and gone for a few years and so has this blog.

Writing about my goals was a huge incentive for me to achieve them. Here's a quick report on my 4 goals and info on a new project I'm really excited about.

Goal 1 - Design Something New Every Day

I've done pretty well with this goal I guess. Not because I have made an extra effort. It's what I do. Looking back on this reminds me to do better. I'd like to be more consciously creative each day. I love to use creativity to solve life's daily problems.

Goal 2 - Excel in Meaningful Education

I've done alright in this area as well. Not in the way I had intended. Formal education and I are what my wife defines as frienemies. I love the group setting and collaborative aspects of a classroom but find it too restrictive. I learn a lot better when I just allow life to teach me what I need to know. When I want to learn something, I read, a ton. I am just a few shy of graduation and plan on leaving it that way. WHY????? Because it's just not "Meaningful" to me.

Goal 3 - Continuous Home Improvement

We are in the middle of the biggest Continuous Home Improvement project yet. We moved from our disgustingly oversized 4,000 square foot house to a century old home in Heber City. The house is old, smelly, and falling into the ground but the yard is incredible. We are gardening and raising 12 chickens. One of the biggest changes is we are on the path to release ourselves from the bondage of physical possessions. No, we aren't getting rid of everything. But I would guess we have let go about 1/3 of our physical possessions so far and have a lot to do. If you are interested in some of our old junk (I really hope you're not) we are having a big yard sale this Saturday.

Goal 4 - Finish "Top of Utah Marathon"

I DID IT! A little behind my goal of finishing under 4 hours but it was a great experience. The actual race was a lot different than I had imagined it would be. The first half of the race was through freezing rain and hail stones. Skating down the canyon road on little balls of ice wasn't what I had trained for and I had to alter my form to avoid wipeout. My father in law joined me for the last 8 miles and I had a strong finish.

At the time I said that would be my only big race. One and done. A bucket list item. I have run a few long races since. Last year Ali and I ran the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon together. I loved running with her and seeing her achieve this goal.

I don't run on roads as much anymore because I found the trails. I will run my first full trail marathon this fall.

Thanks for following. I wish I had been more consistent in writing. This new project is fueled less by goals and more by passion. If you haven't already heard about it please check it out. The goals that I have written about for Project Twenty 11 are definitely a part of this new adventure.

Burning the Script
Because life is too amazing to live by the generic and uninspiring plan that society has laid out for us.

Thanks again,

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